The Best Day

One of Cheeky Boy’s favourite sayings is “this is the best day EVER”, with extra emphasis on the EVER. I am sure most kids use this phrase but thankfully for us CB is easily pleased because we hear it a lot. A scoot to the park and an ice cream can elicit a TITBDE!

It got me thinking about how many Best Days EVER I have had over the years. My wedding, finding out I was pregnant, and holding my babies for the first time would definitely count, but since then? Hmmm. Since I became a stay at home mum, discovering I am wearing matching undies or finding a missing sock is enough to constitute a best day.

And then I cast my mind back to the day when I did something totally crazy. And I smile.

I should explain. Under no circumstances could you describe me as a thrill seeker. I am “Mrs Worry”, “Mrs Anxiety” and “Mrs What if?” all rolled into one. I have a phobia of heights, I hate anything scary and I don’t like theme parks. Get the picture?

It was the end of summer. I think we were coming up the first anniversary of BW’s diagnosis. Both The Saint and I were still in turmoil and the Black Dog had decided to visit again. I went to an event and happened to see an advert for a charity tandem sky dive to raise money for the children’s hospice where the event was being held. To this day, I cannot tell you what possessed me. I walked over to the stand and signed up on the spot.

Six week later we were on our way to the airfield. I will admit “Mrs What if” was present “What if the chute doesn’t open, what if I break my ankles when I land, what if I die?”. As we got closer to jump time, my mind cleared. Something in me needed to do this.

Sitting on the edge of the open aeroplane door waiting for the all clear, watching the pros hopping out, knowing that any second I was next, was truly the most terrifying experience of my life.

I’m falling!

And then we somersaulted out. I remember looking up at the underneath of the aeroplane, thinking “oh my god, we’re falling”. Right side up, I started to enjoy myself. To be above the clouds and surrounded by blue felt so peaceful in spite of the deafening noise of the air whooshing past my ears. All I could do was grin.


It did me the world of good to do something so out of character and started me on a new path to a more balanced me, not just a mum devoted to her kids. Whenever I have a niggling doubt about myself I remember that day.

What was your best day ever?