Boy Wonder’s Food Project – The Verdict

Just over a week ago, following a meltdown of epic proportions, see The Edge, it was time to try something new.

The Boy Wonder Food Project was born.

So how did it go?

Well, it as was a HUGE success. We have not had one argument over food. The boys come home, check the menu and get on with their lives until dinner.

People, I have seen CLEAN plates.

NEW foods have been tried, devoured and seconds have been requested.

At times I wondered who had stolen my children and replaced them with gourmands, but no, it was still them.

The single most popular dish had to be Meatballs with sweet and sour sauce.


You have no idea what a personal victory the sweet and sour sauce was. Cheeky Boy asked for seconds. This from a child who thinks ketchup is a) a vegetable and b) a food group in its own right.

I can also recommend Rice Krispie Chicken which is a mighty fine, guilt-free, alternative to take away fried chicken.

Aside from the actual food, the lack of conflict at mealtimes has given us all space to breathe. It has made for a much calmer house. Witching hour has had it’s arse well and truly kicked.

On Thursday Boy Wonder snuggled up and told me how much he was enjoying the menu project and how he felt we were getting along more. Now he wanted to (in his words) “work out some strategies to help him and dad get along better”.

I had no idea that this project would have such an impact on all of us.

Week 2 has already been planned and written on the menu board. Progress.


Thankful Thursday

Inspired by Kate Says Stuff I am joining in with Thankful Thursday.

And a good job too.

The Black Dog is raining on my parade, so a chance to piss on his chips by taking a moment to think about some of the positives in my life is a good thing.

This week I am thankful that The Saint is, well, a saint. Not only working like mad to provide for his family, but supporting me in starting this little blog and in a million other ways.

I am grateful that we are (only just) in a position that I can stay at home, giving myself the time and space to come up with strategies for Boy Wonder like The Food Project.

I am thankful for moments like The Glitter Patch for reminding me that all is not lost and that there is hope for the future.

Most of all I am thankful for my little, loving family whose kisses and squeezes make it all worth while.

Take that Black Dog.

The Glitter Patch

Last week when I posted The Edge,  it was fair to say we were on a downward swing with Boy Wonder.

During those kind of weeks, I question everything.

My parenting skills, my love for him, whether I can survive, whether The Saint and I will stay together. The days are long and the thoughts are dark.

Then out of nowhere we hit a glitter patch.

Two successful days of The Food Project.

And a high school interview for Boy Wonder.

We talked it through the night before. “What’s the most important thing to do when someone is speaking to you BW?”.

“Look them in the eye, mum. I’ve been talking to Benjamin (speechie) about that.”

I sat in awe as my beautiful boy was polite and funny and engaging. He can be like that with people he has known for ages, but with someone he had only just met? Wow.

I could not believe how good his eye contact was. (I think my jaw may have dropped at one point).

There were a couple of moments when he got tongue-tied, or didn’t know what the interviewer meant, but he handled it.

At the end of the interview, the teacher turned to us and said “He is lovely, you can see the joy bursting out of him when he speaks about his passions”.

For that moment, I saw glitter and rainbows and unicorns. I saw a bright future, free of worry and full of smiles.

Fast forward two hours and I’m being bollocked for not being telepathic and knowing that Boy Wonder wanted salad for lunch.

But you know, I have seen some glitter today, so it’s all right.

The Food Project – Day 1

Soooo last night was the first day of the new regime. Both the boys had play dates so I had 4 to cook for. I was nervous, but Boy Wonder seemed excited and showed the menu off to the guests.

I made Goujons of Fish with Tartare Sauce (sounds posh, doesn’t it!). Most of the recipes BW has chosen this week come from Annabel Karmel’s After-School Meal Planner. I’m not sure why, he looked at Nigella and Jamie recipes, but I think the photography in this book captured his imagination more.

I pre-prepared the food so that it was ready for inspection as soon as BW came home.

I got BW to taste the tartare sauce before the meal.

The Goujons were made with fresh fish and crumbed with a mixture of crushed crackers and parmesan cheese.

For a bit of fun I made these for the kids to fill out.

Spot the deliberate mistake on the score cards!

Maths was never my strong point!

They were all a little harsh on the score for presentation but judging by the empty plates and the score for taste, I WON the first round of The Food Project.

Best of all there was no whining or crying from either of us!