So You Think You’re A Blogger Now?

Never one for half measures I have hit this blogging lark like a bull at a gate. Blog for 30 days straight? Yep, done it.

Sign up to attend a Blogging Training Conference? Yep, done it.

What? You’ve done what?

Yes, dear friends I have signed up for a blogging conference. Full of experienced bloggers and social media experts.

And me.

Shit! Panic is already setting in with exactly one week to go.

To calm my nerves I have started to get organised.

I tracked down potential attendees to stalk chat to. Yes Carli, Michaela, Nathalie and Lisa, you all made the list.

Next, a professional looking notebook in which to jot down all the top tips I’ll be learning.

(I went with my birthday present from Boy Wonder.)

Lots of people will be attending from twitter land, but how will people find me, when on twitter I look like this?

I could leave the mo to grow out naturally, but instead have opted for these.

(I have included a sharpie in case I get too sweaty and the glue dissolves.)

Now all I need to focus on now is not being an idiot, not being inappropriate, not getting drunk and falling asleep.


Do you get nervous before big events? What are your coping strategies?


Birthday Girl.

I am the one on the left.

Today is my birthday. I am 21*

The picture above is just a small insight into my traumatic childhood. Yes the monkey is real.

Anyway, birthday, shmirthday. It’s just another day really, isn’t it?

Except if you have two over-excited boys who are bursting to tell you what they’ve got you:

“I’ll give you a clue”, says Cheeky Boy “It’s not Lego”.

Boy Wonder is a more direct (Aspie that he is) “Um, do you like sparkly books that you can write all your notes in?”

Um, I’d better say yes to that one, eh?

The Saint, bless him, bought me a ticket for Pro Blogger Training Event in Melbourne next month. VERY EXCITING!

So that’s my gifts out of the way.

How am I feeling about being 21*?

Birthdays have scared me more as I have got older. (Me no like ageing).

Two months ago I would have told you I was terrified about being 21*, but recently those feelings have changed.

For the first time, in a long time I am excited about life and what is coming next.

So Cheers! and remember to have a gin for me tonight!


How do you feel about your birthday? Like ’em or loathe ’em?