Boy Wonder’s Food Project – The Verdict

Just over a week ago, following a meltdown of epic proportions, see The Edge, it was time to try something new.

The Boy Wonder Food Project was born.

So how did it go?

Well, it as was a HUGE success. We have not had one argument over food. The boys come home, check the menu and get on with their lives until dinner.

People, I have seen CLEAN plates.

NEW foods have been tried, devoured and seconds have been requested.

At times I wondered who had stolen my children and replaced them with gourmands, but no, it was still them.

The single most popular dish had to be Meatballs with sweet and sour sauce.


You have no idea what a personal victory the sweet and sour sauce was. Cheeky Boy asked for seconds. This from a child who thinks ketchup is a) a vegetable and b) a food group in its own right.

I can also recommend Rice Krispie Chicken which is a mighty fine, guilt-free, alternative to take away fried chicken.

Aside from the actual food, the lack of conflict at mealtimes has given us all space to breathe. It has made for a much calmer house. Witching hour has had it’s arse well and truly kicked.

On Thursday Boy Wonder snuggled up and told me how much he was enjoying the menu project and how he felt we were getting along more. Now he wanted to (in his words) “work out some strategies to help him and dad get along better”.

I had no idea that this project would have such an impact on all of us.

Week 2 has already been planned and written on the menu board. Progress.


Boy Wonder’s Food Project

Those of you who read my post The Edge last week will know that Boy Wonder and dinner time can often be an explosive mix.

His (current ) 3 favourite foods are macaroni cheese, beef burgers and salad. He makes the salad himself with a divine dressing, so that’s a big plus point.

However, man cannot live on mac’ n’cheese, burgers and salad alone. I need him to broaden his range of foods. Before he ends up with rickets, or I get sectioned. Whichever happens sooner.

I tried to explain this during the mother of all melt downs last week (the range of food not rickets or me being sectioned), but predictably I got nowhere.

Time for a new tack. Over the weekend I sat down with Boy Wonder and a heap of cookery books. I explained that we needed to find 6 different meals. He could choose them all. Burgers could feature once during the week. He was very excited and together we had an enjoyable hour talking about recipes.

I then made him this:

I am hoping that the menu board will take away the element of surprise which can often make him anxious. He can also see when he will be having his favourite meal.

I have found myself squawking “THIS IS NOT A RESTAURANT” in the heat of battle, but have decided to embrace the notion for the purpose of this project. He doesn’t know it yet, but I am also going to produce a little score card for him to give feedback. He adores Masterchef, so I think this could work.

I am under no illusions that this is going to be a tricky week. There will certainly be things on the menu that he won’t like, Cheeky Boy DEFINITELY won’t like a lot of it, but I am hoping that this project might make mealtimes easier.

Watch this space.