24 hours

Yesterday was my birthday….

The Saint booked at table at Ananda on Saturday night.

Fabulous tapas (the photos are shocking as we were using TS’s blackberry), great atmosphere and we would definitely go again.

My birthday celebrations got of to a great start with me getting velly, velly drunk.

Next morning, mouth like the bottom of a budgie cage, and extremely hungover, I was contemplating my demise when I could hear the excited squeals of my boys.

I rallied for the gift opening.

Please note the massive pile of Cherry Ripes care of Cheeky Monkey and the huge sparkly note book from Boy Wonder.

Look at the Kenwood Mixer! BW’s idea! Very spoilt.

I faded pretty soon after this, so TS suggested breakfast out.

We headed to my favourite place to have brekkie which overlooks my favourite beach.


My beautiful boys made it really special.

We rounded off the day with a trip to the drive-in cinema in Dandenong.

So lovely to be snuggled and cosy in the back of the car watching a movie (Madagascar 3 in case you wanted to know).

Happy Birthday? Definitely.


Birthday Girl.

I am the one on the left.

Today is my birthday. I am 21*

The picture above is just a small insight into my traumatic childhood. Yes the monkey is real.

Anyway, birthday, shmirthday. It’s just another day really, isn’t it?

Except if you have two over-excited boys who are bursting to tell you what they’ve got you:

“I’ll give you a clue”, says Cheeky Boy “It’s not Lego”.

Boy Wonder is a more direct (Aspie that he is) “Um, do you like sparkly books that you can write all your notes in?”

Um, I’d better say yes to that one, eh?

The Saint, bless him, bought me a ticket for Pro Blogger Training Event in Melbourne next month. VERY EXCITING!

So that’s my gifts out of the way.

How am I feeling about being 21*?

Birthdays have scared me more as I have got older. (Me no like ageing).

Two months ago I would have told you I was terrified about being 21*, but recently those feelings have changed.

For the first time, in a long time I am excited about life and what is coming next.

So Cheers! and remember to have a gin for me tonight!


How do you feel about your birthday? Like ’em or loathe ’em?