Rainbows and Unicorns

The holidays are over (I can hear the cheers reverberating around the neighbourhood) and my boys are going back to school.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t relieved, but I confess to feeling a little sad too.


It hasn’t suddenly become all rainbows and unicorns.

There have been some spectacular meltdowns this holiday (including a brawl at a public swimming pool). Not to mention an “interesting” counselling session where Boy Wonder implied I beat him regularly. OH MY GOD! (yes, tears were shed and gin was had).

However, the more challenging situations have been managed differently and some of the time, the new strategies have worked.

(The Saint definitely noticed the lack of tearful phone calls made at 9.30am asking “when are you coming home?”.)

I also had a secret aim. To say ‘yes’ more than I said ‘no’. I’m not saying I achieved this 100% of the time, but  I am not Wonder Woman (yet. Another secret aim).

So while we may not have completed all of the activities on the boys list, I think judging by these photos, fun was had.

How were your holidays?


24 hours

Yesterday was my birthday….

The Saint booked at table at Ananda on Saturday night.

Fabulous tapas (the photos are shocking as we were using TS’s blackberry), great atmosphere and we would definitely go again.

My birthday celebrations got of to a great start with me getting velly, velly drunk.

Next morning, mouth like the bottom of a budgie cage, and extremely hungover, I was contemplating my demise when I could hear the excited squeals of my boys.

I rallied for the gift opening.

Please note the massive pile of Cherry Ripes care of Cheeky Monkey and the huge sparkly note book from Boy Wonder.

Look at the Kenwood Mixer! BW’s idea! Very spoilt.

I faded pretty soon after this, so TS suggested breakfast out.

We headed to my favourite place to have brekkie which overlooks my favourite beach.


My beautiful boys made it really special.

We rounded off the day with a trip to the drive-in cinema in Dandenong.

So lovely to be snuggled and cosy in the back of the car watching a movie (Madagascar 3 in case you wanted to know).

Happy Birthday? Definitely.

Happy Holidays!

These past few weeks of term, I have been counting down the days.

Boy Wonder has had enough, Cheeky Boy has had enough.

I cannot make another bloody packed lunch. I just can’t.

The last week of term, I’m all “WOOP! WOOP! Holidays! No School run! NO homework! Yay!” Like some Californian fresher about to go on Spring Break.

Then the reality sinks in.


Two weeks of entertaining my children. Two weeks of attempting to stop them from killing themselves/each other.

How quickly I forget.

I need to learn the negotiation skills of a UN advisor. STAT.

Seriously, though, it has got easier as the boys have got older. They appreciate the need for downtime, especially as terms are so much longer here.

I am learning to understand there is a fine line between down time and unorganised chaos. Boy Wonder still needs some structure and routine.

Otherwise the lunatics will seriously overtake this asylum.

The success of the Food Project has given me ideas for the holidays.

So I asked the boys to choose 5 activities each they would like to do over the break.

Boy Wonder

  • swimming
  • nature walk/bike ride
  • cooking
  • go out for dinner as a family
  • bowling

Cheeky Boy

  • baseball
  •  BBQ
  • Aquarium
  • Go to the MCG
  • have a rest

Loving their lists! There were a few I had already pencilled in and nearly all of them are kind on the pocket!

I also had a flick through this bad boy:

I know it’s a bit gender specific, but it’s loaded with ideas, information and history.I bought it for The Saint when we had Boy Wonder. (There is a Girl’s version)

So far I’ve picked out ‘How to make invisible ink’, ‘How to make a battery’, and ‘How to make Water bombs’ for starters.

Hopefully there will be a balance between rest, play and giving me some time out. ( and enough good/bad weather options).

I’ll report back!

How are your holiday plans shaping up?

The House of Trouser

B.C. (before children) I had no experience of living with little boys. I grew up with sisters and step sisters and as my mother lurched from one doomed relationship to another, often there was no male in the house at all. Our family was small, so no cousins or nephews either.

Now I find myself as the lone female in a house full of men. I adore them, really, I do, but am I allowed to say I find them disgusting too?

I thank my lucky stars that we have two toilets, because I am not sure I could survive with one.

Their toilet habits leave much to be desired. The door is often left wide open so all and sundry can hear their strains. Cheeky Monkey begs me to wipe. “But mum you are the best wiper”. Gee, thanks, must add that to my resume.

With the foot in a can boot I have resorted to using ‘their’ loo in the night. Oh. dear. me. “I must  remember to put the light on next time” I said to myself as I sat down on the seat covered in wee.

The Saint is responsible for the cleanliness of  ‘their’ loo. His sense of smell must be withering with age, as a few nights later, I tried again (I still didn’t put the light on).

Within seconds my eyes were smarting. The smell of ammonia/vinegar was overwhelming.

I rushed back to bed, exclaiming to The Saint. “Really?” “I hadn’t noticed” he replied.