Imperfection Is Beauty

When my lovely friend Renee sent me this quote, I had to post it, it’s so me!

(I’m not really an “inspirational quote” blogger, not sure of my niche, but it’s definitely not inspirational!)

I am trying to accept my imperfections.

There is more madness in me than genius.

The Saint thinks I’m beautiful.

And I’m definitely ridiculous, several times a day.

Thanks, Marilyn. You get me.


What Would Madonna Do?

I should start by saying that I don’t think I’m THAT vain.

I get my hair done.

I shave my legs.

I pluck my eyebrows.

I moisturise, but I am not obsessed with my wrinkles, and can’t be arsed to fork out a huge amount of money on anti-aging creams.

I try not to leave the house without make-up on. Mainly out of courtesy to the local community who are easily scared.

I’m reasonably low maintenance. I mean, who isn’t post-children?

However, as I get older there are certain things creeping into my regime that I hadn’t bargained for.

I now pluck a grey hair from my brow.

I cover the grey lash with extra mascara, or get it tinted in summer.

I de-fuzz the Tom Selleck tash which my peri-menopausal hormones have bequeathed me.

But yesterday, the first day of September, the 1st day of spring, I discovered my first grey hair. And it wasn’t on my head.

Oh.dear.lord. I was not prepared for this.

When I told The Saint he smirked and kindly proffered “Well, you might as well shave it all off now”. Mmm, NOT HELPING.

Once I had recovered my breathing. I thought about the future. Getting old, gracefully. Or NOT. What would Madonna do?

I envisage her having a “vagina styler” who suggests tints or merkins.

Sadly, I have no funds for such a person in my entourage.

Or maybe she is smooth and hairless? I have a huge fear of Brazilians – waxing, not the people – so this is not an option for me.

Then I was reminded of this fabulous poem by Jenny Joseph Warning

And now, I know exactly what I shall do when the grey takes over down there.