About me

Hi I am Caroline (Mrs Ceee Ceee on twitter. I am pom on an adventure in Melbourne. I love it here, but it is very far.

I am here with The Saint, the love of my life and my two boys. Boy Wonder is 11 and has Asperger’s Syndrome. Cheeky Monkey is 8 and very cheeky. Together we are muddling through the challenges of being expats and having a unique person in our family.

My boys

I love: macarons, chocolate, Melbourne coffee, diamonds, seahorses (the daddy’s have the babies don’t you know), rabbits, rainbows, the smell of freshly washed children, my boys.

I dislike: two-faced people, fresh tomatoes (soup/paste/sauce is fine), the smell of dirty boys, bullies.

In my previous life I was a marketeer, brand manager and salesperson. It seems like a very long time ago.

Why is this blog called presentimperfection?

Well, I have spent a lot of my time looking back at past events, or worrying about the future, when really I need only concern myself with the present.

I am also a perfectionist control freak. It’s time to accept my imperfections and move on!


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