I Won! No, I Won!

I am not describing a stand-off between my boys.

This argument is between me and TS.

Today is a special day.

17 years ago a crazy girl got together with a steady boy.

He saved her.

Fuelled by tequila and thus buoyed with Dutch Courage, he took a chance.

They drank, they flirted.


For those not familiar with games, Tetris is an addictive block game where you um, match shapes. I know, THRILLING!

Anyway, we had a Gameboy (how retro) each and were playing against each other.

He sat on the sofa, I was curled at his feet (Yes, I know, not exactly the actions of a feminist, BLAME THE TEQUILA).

We played and flirted, played and flirted.


As confirmed by our best man (TS’s best mate) on our wedding day.

Then there was fumbled, drunken kissing.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Today, sitting side by side in the swimming pool watching our off-spring, we discussed how weird it was that we have grown two humans.

“Who would have thought that night with tequila and Tetris..” I mused.

TS turns to me, smiling, and says…

NOT, that was the best day of my life. No.

He says “I definitely won, you know”.


Happy Snoggaversary, TS. xxx

Do you and your partners have differing memories of the same events?


27 thoughts on “I Won! No, I Won!

  1. I love this story! It’s the story of me & my hubby but our game was Scrabble. We had to ban Scrabble from our relationship in the end. He got too grumpy everytime I won and I won a lot 🙂

  2. LOL – all the time !!! Sometimes I wonder how we could have been together for 27 years and yet have (obviously) such different memories of what happened over those year !
    Have the best week !

  3. Happy Snoggaversary!

    The Hubby and I have the same recollections on how we met. We both even remember what the other was wearing. And my bestie was there too – so she gets a say in it as well.

    But as far as winning goes. I always win. It’s the unwritten law if our marriage!

  4. Lovely! We got together over tequila too. There’s something about it that makes your faces stick together.
    And as for Tetris: let’s just say that I seriously believe that, if there was a world championship, I would win it. That is all.

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