P-Plates Required!

I love social media. Especially twitter.

But I think I need a manual and some p-plates.

In the rush to keep up with the feed, I skim-read, trying to pick up the nuances in 140 characters.

Occasionally, I see a tweet I don’t like. Generally, I ignore it. If it really offends me, I unfollow, without fanfare (I’m not very good at confrontation).

Last night, though, I was the offender.

In my quest to be the funniest and most supportive woman EVER on twitter. I fucked up.

After hitting send, it crossed my mind that it might not have been the most appropriate tweet I could have sent, but it was a direct message from someone else that hammered it home.

Fortunately for me, the person who received the tweet was as beautiful and as sweet as she always is (and thankfully not offended) , but it got me thinking (and worrying).

Should there be some sort of quality control (“Sorry @user4576 that tweet was not funny and will be deleted”)?

How often do our (my) tweets miss the mark? What happens when we do?

Should I stop mixing gin and twitter?

Have you ever regretted a tweet?


15 thoughts on “P-Plates Required!

  1. Lol YES!! I have written a couple which in hindsight were not well-worded . My intention was good , but I missed the mark by an entire continent! I have has one incident where I should have just shut my mouth from the start .. A very well-followed tweep amade a comment wirh two double entendres , which made no sense , and I asked her to clarify .. Unfortunately she thought it was perfectly clear so unleashed ( along with a little posses of her followers) a torrent of nastiness .. Was very weird, according to her I am the dumbest c*** on twitter … Hmmmmmmm unfollow, block and learn from experience

  2. Funny you say that…

    No doubt you’ve seen the embarrassing tweet I sent to 2 people which was then retweeted by a fecking TV show without the context of the whole conversation… It ended up with an argument with a national TV presenter because of the lack of context in what I said. I’m still reeling with a serious dose of “WTFjusthappeneditis”.

    140 characters is NOT enough to express what you REALLY mean.

  3. I think people need to just settle down a little with the twitter. It’s fast moving and people are jumping in and out of conversations – maybe we just need to be more forgiving. I’m sure whatever it was will seem like nothing in a day or two (or even now hopefully!).

  4. It happens. I agree with all the comments above. People need to chill a little, twitter is fast and sometimes things come across in the wrong way. x

  5. twitter scares the pants off me (not literally of course)
    the few times i’m on there
    it is so fast, so crazy, trying to follow any sort of conversation leaves me exhausted
    most of the time i tweet – i think i am only talking to myself!
    its a strange place, very strange place
    hope your tweet was forgiven

  6. Oh yes, I’ve deleted tweets before… but don’t think I’ve ever sent anything TOO scary.

    I only use Twitter in fits and starts. When I was working I could only access it on the commute to and from work and then briefly at night before I started night time stuff.

    Not sure how I’ll be now I’m not working… will have to be mindful!

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