Popping My Blogging Conference Cherry (ProBlogger 2012)

My blogging conference cherry has been popped.

It was terrifying.

Fortunately, I had stalked asked Carli if I could get a lift with her, so I didn’t have to arrive on my own. Bloggers who attended on their own, how brave are you?

In some ways, it felt a little like high school with the various ‘tribes’. There were the popular girls, the business types, the techies, the arty crafty people, all bursting with creativity and passion.

I was alone in the ‘numpty* blogger’ tribe.

Plenty of other people will give the round-up of what we learnt, but what you really want to know is…

Did I mess up?

Hell yes. Here are my top five.

1. Lunging at Kerry Sackville for a pash when all she wanted to do was shake my hand.

2. Introducing a well-known blogger to someone else I had just met, and getting their blog name wrong

3. Spitting marshmallow over the nice person who drove me in that morning. Sorry Carli.

4. During small talk over refreshments with a member of the ‘blogeratti’, showing them my best seal impression, to illustrate how I burp if I drink coke.

5. At the cocktail party, drunkenly trying to explain to a group of women why I was wearing a moustache.

You knew I wouldn’t let you down. Right?

The conference itself was one of the most well organised I have ever attended (and I’ve been to some doozies). The energy bouncing around the room while the speakers shared their stories was electrifying. They were all so generous with their advice, willing everyone in the room to pursue their ideas with passion.

The twitter-folk I met were fabulous, especially Michaela, Grace, Norlin, DonnaSophie and Belinda.

And the cocktail party was awesome. I need my own photo booth. Seriously.

Much of the conference focused on making money from your blog. As my blog started as a way for me to write and to get rid of some of my sad feelings, I’m not sure I could monetize it if I tried! Apart from gin, I’m not sure which brands would want to work with me!

That aside, a little spark was ignited.

Meeting new people like Amanda, Lincoln, Jane and Kimberley who were all so complimentary, made me realise that I do have lots to offer in terms of my business acumen and other skills.

This says it all for me:

Returning home I began making plans.

Who knows where they are going, but I’m following them.

What changes have you experienced or made for yourself recently?

*definition: Someone who (sometimes unwittingly) by speech or action demonstrates a lack of knowledge or misconception of a particular subject or situation to the amusement of others.


27 thoughts on “Popping My Blogging Conference Cherry (ProBlogger 2012)

  1. Hey CC – I know you were struggling with what you are doing, but I find it really interesting that you felt like a numpty – I don’t think anyone ELSE thought that at all.

    And I reckon Kerri was (not-so) secretly hoping for that pash.


  2. You – numpty? I’m the one who was DMing you with the wrong information about your “missing” name badge! So happy you found the conference to be well organised. I am so exhausted today (still!) but it’s so refreshing to hear feedback like this. Hope to see you again next year!

  3. I am so impressed that you went! And just a tad, no more like a lot, envious that you went. You put yourself out there girl! Never underestimate that. I’m still searching for the brave to do it. (Keep using the excuse that I can’t afford it, but, truth be known, if you want something bad enough, it comes – so just quietly, I think I’ve been inadvertently self sabotaging!)

    So my manta will now be I want to go to a blog conference. No excuses. (And I will have one of those numpty badges while you’re at it ok?)

  4. It’s not enough to tell us how you messed up, you have to tell us WHO you messed up. Who did you introduce wrong? And who is the “blogeratti”?? By the accounts I’ve read so far it sounds like a great couple of days. Maybe one day I’ll get the courage to go to one!

  5. Hehe. Changes? Not sure. I’ve had about 3,456,789 thoughts and the confidence to do pretty much none of them. I shall reflect and see. Great to see you again, albeit briefly. xx

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