The sky is falling!

What if something embarrassing happens? again?

Like, this one time, I fainted on a train and the passengers shouted “Help the young man up!”


So scared, so much of the time – such a chicken.

But, today I am stepping out of my comfort zone.

Today, I am nervous as hell, but focusing on how lucky I am that I get to do something new and exciting.

Today I am trying to remember that if I can do this:

I can do anything.

What have you done recently to step out of your comfort zone?


24 thoughts on “Chicken!

  1. Hunny if you can jump out of a plane, which is something I have on my bucket list, you can do ANYTHING!

    Have a ball, network, be inspired, soak it all up. Envious as hell that I’m not there with you. X

  2. Meeting new people and those people are bloggers. Meeting the people who I read online that is both weird and cool. I’d love to also jump out of a plane. We see them all the time from our balcony here in the gong.

  3. OK, I know I shouldn’t laugh at the train story, but I was immediatley reminded of Miranda Hart going into the trannie shop unintentionally. you make me laugh Mrs Ceee.

  4. Go you!! Hope you’ve had a fantastic time ! Leaving my kids for this week is definitely stepping outside my comfort zone .. I’m a control freak , which I believe is part and parcel of mothering an ASD child. I’ve eaten food I can’t identify this week , snorkelled on a coral reef…zomg, and jumped off a boat into the middle if the ocean without a shark cage or even a rope to connect me to the boat … Still here , safe and sound despite all my fears … Xxxxx

  5. I am so sorry… I just cannot stop giggling immaturely at “Help the young man up!”

    Aside from that, is your comfort zone today something to do with the Problogger event?? Mine would be.. hmmm. I don’t know! Possibly trying to attempt Christmas without some festive cheer in a glass at the inlaws’ place? Yes. Probably that.

  6. oh no way I could ever jump out of a plane… NO WAY!

    I stepped way outside my comfort zone last night and in front of a camera… wearing make-up!… with pickle puppets (more on that soon)… and you know, it wasn’t nearly as scary or awful as I thought it would be. In fact… it was kinda fun!

    I hope you have fun too!

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