Notes To My 16 year old Self.

Yesterday I came across this photograph…


Inspired by this Dear Me – A Letter to My 16 Year Old Self I wondered what  I would say to the girl in this picture.

  1. Darling, a pair of tweezers would be a great investment right now.
  2.  Horizontal stripes? Brave.
  3. Permed hair really isn’t you.
  4. Don’t let any boy put you down for being funny or tall. They are intimidated by you. And they are dicks.
  5. Lisa Hayward* who made you feel shit all those times at school, will one day turn around and tell you she envies your life. (Yes, I promise, this will actually happen)
  6. That guy you obsessed over and who embarrassed you in front of your friends at the disco, is now a balding, overweight git (probably).
  7. Don’t let anyone talk you out of doing Psychology at Uni. PLEASE.
  8. Sex gets better with age (I am not lying).
  9. You will meet the perfect man. He may not be the man you dreamt of, but he will be perfect for you. He will make you laugh He will adore you. Even when you are being a bitch.
  10. Her not loving you is not your fault. Don’t let it define you.
  11. Getting pissed at a work do is NEVER a good idea.
  12. You will get married and have children (she doth protest too much). You will do everything in your power to ensure history does not repeat itself.
  13. Giving birth feels like you are pushing out a sack of spuds. It fucking hurts, but you will be amazing.
  14. You will face more heartache and challenges than one person should ever have to go through, but you won’t believe how strong you can be.
  15. Eating what you like, when you like, and not putting on weight will not last forever. Trust me.
  16. Don’t worry about what people think about you. Seriously. This is a problem.
  17. Blue and green should never be seen without a colour in between.
  18. Try not to wear your heart on your sleeve ALL THE TIME. There are some fuckers out there who like to stomp on it.
  19. Grab every opportunity with both hands and don’t bloody let go.
  20. Be strong, be brave, be fearless. BE HAPPY.

*name changed to protect the biatch.


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