Sleep Deprivation – Where The Hell is Mr. Sandman?

Oh god I miss a good night’s sleep. Before the boys arrived I could always catch up at the weekend, but now? No chance (although I am quite good at a nana nap on the couch).

We all know how much sleep you get with babies (if your kids slept through I hate you), but as they got older I thought it would get better.

Sadly not. There are night terrors and nightmares to deal with, plus the fact that we seem to have bred early risers.

Sometimes, it’s just me. I wake at 1 or 2 with a nagging bladder to play “Shall I or shan’t I get up for a wee” game. Or to go over my to do list again. SHUT UP BRAIN!

Or at 4am for no reason (except maybe the birds. Australia your birds are so darn noisy!). TS invariably gets up as I am dropping off to sleep again. Gah.

In an effort to shut out external distractions (kids, birds, TS breathing SO BLOODY LOUD) I wear ear plugs and an eye mask.

In my head I look like this


Valerian was suggested. Herbal. Non-addictive. Great.

Oh deary me!

The Walking Dead wanted me as an extra. I was so buggered I didn’t dare drive.

Now I self-medicate with chamomile tea (mixed results), gin (awesome, but not sure about sedative qualities) and wine (see gin).

Forget baby sleep clinics, I’d pay top dollar for a grown-up one for shattered parents.

What are your tips for a good night’s sleep?


8 thoughts on “Sleep Deprivation – Where The Hell is Mr. Sandman?

  1. A good book. Inevitably I’m looking forward to a long read but now my brain associates it with sleep, two pages and my eyes are droopy and I seem to have a better sleep than if I didn’t unwind with one.

  2. I have the exact same problem. Even when the kids sleep right through, my sleep quality is extremely poor. I have tried pretty much everything with the exception of sleeping pills.

    If I’m really desperate for sleep, I take a quarter pill of Restavit, an anti-histamine. Apparently it’s meant to make you drowsy the next day but because I only take just enough to get to sleep and stay asleep I’ve never had that problem.


  3. I have no magic cure. For me though, I stay up until I am really, really tired. I don’t see any point going to bed unless I know I can sleep.

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