The End – Blog for 30

On the 20th August 2012 I became a blogger.

I had have no idea what I am doing.

Since I did this I have had more time on my hands, so I thought “why not?”

A little while later the lovely Renee, Katrina and Kellie were discussing #blogfor30 on twitter. I laughed and said “I could never do that”, but they encouraged me to join in (thanks guys).

“Sure, I thought, how hard can it be?”

Yes, I am THAT naive, newbie blogger you have all heard about…

After day 3 I was sweating every time I thought about the blog.

By Day 7, I felt a sea-change. I was rising to the challenge.

At Day 14, I was carrying a notebook around (prententious, moi?) to scribble down any random thoughts.

Now it’s the end. I can’t quite believe it. I have been a blogger for 41 days and continuously blogging for 30. Do I get a prize? No? Oh.

So, what have a learned over the past month?

1.  Writing is hard work.

There are times when you don’t feel like it, or external pressures (yes, kids, I mean you) make it hard to focus.I have a new-found respect for people who write for a living and I will never complain about the cost of books again. Every bloody cent is hard-earned.

2. Writing is therapy.

I’ve heard and read this many times, but wasn’t convinced. Jeez, how right they are. I wished I’d started blogging earlier. I could have saved several therapists from personal crises and saved myself lots of $$$. I genuinely feel better if I write. Even if I don’t post, it’s out, it’s done.

3. I love writing.

I have enjoyed #blogfor30 more than I could have imagined. Towards the end I sometimes had a couple of posts a day to choose to publish. I guest-blogged for the lovely Kate at katesaysstuff and Renee at AboutaBugg (thanks for having me ladies). I even plucked up courage to submit a piece for publication and it has been accepted! I have no idea whether my ‘brain farts’ will amount to anything, but I intend to carry on anyway.

Thanks to everyone who has read, and more importantly taken time to comment, on my posts. It means so much.

Blog on, dudes.


8 thoughts on “The End – Blog for 30

  1. congratulations! I am certain I couldn’t blog every day for 30 days, and even thinking about trying gives me a headache! I’ve loved reading your blog and getting to “know” you. Glad you took up this writing thing! 😉

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