Hairy Trauma

The ’70s. The decade taste forgot.

I haven’t given you the full story of my traumatic childhood (maybe I never will) but this photo  and the one above give you a flavour.

Let’s gloss over the crochet skirt I am wearing (full length with MATCHING shawl – jealous much?) and look at my hair.

Sweet Jesus.

My mother happened upon a magazine article entitled “Save money butcher cut your child’s hair”.

I should point out that before this happened I had very straight, blonde, shoulder length hair. It was nice in a bland, little girl kind of way.


Mother thought differently and decided to give it a whirl.

Step 1. Pull all child’s hair into a hair elastic (none to hand so she  improvised with an elastic band – ouch) to form a pony tail on top of child’s head.

Step 2. Wrap cardboard (I kid you not) around hair until pony tail is vertical.

Step 3. Cut straight across any hair falling out of the top of the  cardboard.

Step 4. Remove cardboard

Step 5. Comfort hysterical child (or not, in my mother’s case)

I think this haircut was the first time my mother’s feelings for me were truly revealed.

Please I beg of you, do NOT try this method on your own children.



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