Fly me to the Moon

I’ve lost it.

My ‘To Do’ list.

The anchor that underpins my life, has gone.

I look in every handbag, on every scrap of paper, in every notebook, but I can’t find it.

Deep breaths.

I start again.

Dentist appointment, thank you notes, call X,Y,Z about Boy Wonder. Buy shoes, buy ink, get more sawdust for the rabbits….blah blah blah…

I giggle as the list grows back to its former A4 glory, because it doesn’t matter if I lose it, it doesn’t matter if I tick every farking thing on it -THERE WILL ALWAYS BE MORE SHIT TO DO!

These days, this is how a successful day is measured. How much I’ve ticked off my list.

(image source)

Oh dear.

Well, things have got to change.

I am jazzing up my ‘To List’.  “SMILE MORE!” , “CHECK WINE STOCKS” and  “HAVE SEX!*” will now feature on all future lists. *maybe

Slowing I will take away the mundane and add more exciting things…

Write a novel,

Win an Oscar,

Fly to the moon. (Well, you never know.)

What have you got on your ‘To Do List?’


10 thoughts on “Fly me to the Moon

  1. This evening when I was driving to rehearse with the rest of my band I was listening to the radio. Frank Sinatra came on, singing – yes you guessed it – “fly me to the moon.”

    That’s not a very rock & roll story, is it?

    I don’t use lists. I can’t get on with them at all.

  2. LOL , I love LUUURRVVEE love my to-do list. I especially like adding things I’ve already done just so I can tick them off. I went through a stage of printing off pretty To-Do list proformas from the web but then I got too anal about how neat my hand writing ought to be alongside all the prettiness. Now I have a large A4 diary, with a page per day, and I write my to-do list there..the bonus is I get to keep all those lovely ticks for the whole year – Go me!
    On my list today –
    Mop floors
    Appointment Dentist
    Arrange childcare of some sort for next Thursday
    Eat something healthy
    Start Tax return

  3. I used to, but these days my To-Do list is the same, week-in, week-out, so it’s not that long. Go to work. Cook. Sleep. Feed the child. Love the child. sleep. Rinse and repeat.

  4. I am addicted to notebooks – I have about 4 going at the moment, I write lists, ideas, anything I think of and want to keep. I know there are fancy apps and phone/computer diaries, but I like a written list. Here’s one digital list I did like you might find useful (I tried it for a bit but reverted back to pen and paper – dinosaur I know!):

  5. I am too disorganised to use a to do list, I never remember where it is or to check back on it because I get so busy and distracted (which totally defeats the purpose of course!!).

    I’ve tried apps, but I don’t keep using them, but I do have a thousand pieces of paper scattered around my desk with dreams and ideas on them.

    Life may be a little less chaotic however, if I could get my crap together and find a way to make it work: Tomorrow morning, I’ve double booked my children, they apparently have to be at horse riding “saddle club” and at a National Parks Wilderquest morning. oops!

    • Oh the havoc if I didn’t have my to do list! Although my memory isn’t what it was either, so even if stuff is on there I get it wrong. I recently sent CM to his school disco at the END. I’d convinced myself of the time…the wrong time 😦 good luck tomorrow!

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