Up, up and away…

I Love Hot Air Balloons.

So what? Well, I have severe vertigo for a start. (yes, yes, I know I did a skydive). I am also Mrs. “What If?”. I am scared of doing anything remotely exciting, you know, IN CASE I DIE.

There are several Japanese tourists have me in their photos after I totally freaked out at the top of the Eiffel Tower during a romantic break with The Saint, B.C. (I almost broke his finger that day).

I am sure that there are also photos of me rocking back and forth on the floor of La Sagrada da Familia in Barcelona too.

Best to forget my visit to the Eureka Tower.

The Saint loves it when I want to climb tall buildings.

For some reason though hot air balloons make my heart sing.

Typical of his lovely nature, The Saint risked damage to his body parts and booked us a balloon flight for my recent-ish, significant birthday. I know, I look great for 30 don’t I?

Weirdly, I didn’t get vertigo.


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