Pressing Pause

I think I’ve been running from something for most of my life. Memories, shitty home town, relationships, reality…you name it. The move from the UK to Australia is testament to how far I will run!

Motherhood changed that. I had to focus on raising the two beans. I couldn’t run, I couldn’t hide.

Presented with Joseph’s diagnosis and the challenges and stresses it put on our family, I found myself with the urge to run again.

Of course, I couldn’t run away. So I did the next best thing. I took up triathlon.

When we moved here I joined a club and I set myself a serious goal.

The Murray Man. A long course triathlon. 1.9km swim, 80km bike, 21km run. Not for the faint-hearted.

I threw myself into the training. I had a PLAN.

I was happiest when I was out on the bike, running long or thrashing out laps in the pool. I was out of the house at 6am for pool sessions, then running during the day. On the weekends I was away for hours on the bike.

The Saint looked on. Supportive, but as time went on, concerned.

And then.

An iron infusion. My levels were so depleted there were negative numbers in red on the Doctors screen. Apparently, I am secretly Wonder Woman as I shouldn’t have been able to walk around, let alone anything else.

2 weeks later…

A simple case of road rash after being knocked off my bike. Which 5 days later was actually a fractured elbow.

4 weeks later…

A chipped talus.

Yes, Calamity Jane had ridden into town.

I was forced to stop.

My pause button was well and truly pressed.

The Universe had spoken.


6 thoughts on “Pressing Pause

  1. I was reluctant to press the “like” button, because I don’t to see all those bad things happen to you. I do understand the drive to run, though. Maybe we are all just running away from something. Hope you heal up fast wonder woman.

  2. Oh my, I do hope you heal quickly and get back on the bike, in the pool and hitting the pavement. Pretty impressive all that training and fitness, AND doing triathlons!!! I used to swim a lot… very peaceful, loved it. (Might get inspired to join a squad – especially after your Aussaversary advice!). Take care of yourself!

  3. Our bodies certainly have a way of telling us when they’ve had enough, don’t they?! I can understand throwing yourself into something to get away from something else. It works for a while, but the something else is always there in the background, watching, waiting for you to stop for even a second so it can scream at you “I’m STILL HERE!”

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