The Glitter Patch

Last week when I posted The Edge,  it was fair to say we were on a downward swing with Boy Wonder.

During those kind of weeks, I question everything.

My parenting skills, my love for him, whether I can survive, whether The Saint and I will stay together. The days are long and the thoughts are dark.

Then out of nowhere we hit a glitter patch.

Two successful days of The Food Project.

And a high school interview for Boy Wonder.

We talked it through the night before. “What’s the most important thing to do when someone is speaking to you BW?”.

“Look them in the eye, mum. I’ve been talking to Benjamin (speechie) about that.”

I sat in awe as my beautiful boy was polite and funny and engaging. He can be like that with people he has known for ages, but with someone he had only just met? Wow.

I could not believe how good his eye contact was. (I think my jaw may have dropped at one point).

There were a couple of moments when he got tongue-tied, or didn’t know what the interviewer meant, but he handled it.

At the end of the interview, the teacher turned to us and said “He is lovely, you can see the joy bursting out of him when he speaks about his passions”.

For that moment, I saw glitter and rainbows and unicorns. I saw a bright future, free of worry and full of smiles.

Fast forward two hours and I’m being bollocked for not being telepathic and knowing that Boy Wonder wanted salad for lunch.

But you know, I have seen some glitter today, so it’s all right.


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