The Food Project – Day 1

Soooo last night was the first day of the new regime. Both the boys had play dates so I had 4 to cook for. I was nervous, but Boy Wonder seemed excited and showed the menu off to the guests.

I made Goujons of Fish with Tartare Sauce (sounds posh, doesn’t it!). Most of the recipes BW has chosen this week come from Annabel Karmel’s After-School Meal Planner. I’m not sure why, he looked at Nigella and Jamie recipes, but I think the photography in this book captured his imagination more.

I pre-prepared the food so that it was ready for inspection as soon as BW came home.

I got BW to taste the tartare sauce before the meal.

The Goujons were made with fresh fish and crumbed with a mixture of crushed crackers and parmesan cheese.

For a bit of fun I made these for the kids to fill out.

Spot the deliberate mistake on the score cards!

Maths was never my strong point!

They were all a little harsh on the score for presentation but judging by the empty plates and the score for taste, I WON the first round of The Food Project.

Best of all there was no whining or crying from either of us!


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